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  1. Thanks for putting together this article, as well as taking the time to include screenshots. There were some great subtle tips, which I never considered. (e.g. standing in a different part of the video frame). Cheers.

  2. Spot on wow, this was worth the read, it’s a light bulb moment right now, thank you really for sharing this content, I this am now ready to go try out my first script, Belinda thanx for pointing me to this direction,

    Thank you

  3. Behind almost every great YouTube video is a thought-through script. It’s safe to assume that viewers want something that’s unique, informative, and engaging. The explanation given is spot on. Thanks for sharing Amir.

  4. I would say that scripts are of vital importance for tutorials/how-to videos. I’ve seen far too many videos on YouTube where the person who’s making the video talks too much about things that are not related to the intended topic of the video.

    Great article, Amir; I learned a lot!

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