What if you always had to say:

I'm booked solid for the next few weeks.

What if you never had to hear:

Your quote is too high for what you offer.

What if you never had to experience the vomit-inducing feeling of panic around whether or not you're on the right track with your quote, your first draft or your business?

It's possible.

The confidence to get paid more (and let's be real, that's what we're talking about)that confidence begins with the skills you invest in learning and the people you surround yourself with.

Because success generally isn’t accomplished alone.

It takes a delicate balance of self-discovery, combined with support, advocacy and advice from the right people. 

Introducing... Confident Copywriting.

My private coaching membership for copywriters looking to

  • Advance their copywriting skills and
  • Grow their business.

The best copywriters (the ones earning the big bucks) never stop learning and this community will help you take your place among them.

A Confident Copywriter is never under-booked or over-priced to the right clients. Together we will develop your skills and your business so that you always have clients who value what you can do and will pay you for it.

Confident Copywriting is a level-up on everything the Copywriting Master Class offers. More advanced copywriting techniques, more in-depth resources, more hands-on coaching.

But it's not just about more. It's about getting clarity

You dont even need to have finished the course to benefit.

  • Give your current writing skills more depth and finesse
  • Confidently say YES to new clients (knowing peeps have got your back)
  • Get feedback on your work to reduce the time-suck of client revisions
  • Tighten up your process so they grow with your business
  • Seek out and land more profitable clients


Hi, I'm Belinda Weaver.

I’m not a fly-by-night-written-a-few-emails-and-decided-to-teach kind of copywriter. I’ve been writing copy full time as a freelance copywriter since 2009. Copywriter - Belinda Weaver

I’ve worked with hundreds (and hundreds) of clients of all sizes in all kinds of industries – from software products, insurance and financial planning to holiday packages, women’s shoes and plumbing. That doesn’t even scratch the surface!

I’ve written about products and services. I’ve written for SEO and for brand connection.

I’ve written websites, brochures, landing pages, slogans, directory listings, company and personal bios, blogs, email marketing, social media profiles, advertising, big fat ebooks and more. I’ve written pages and pages of copy and simple one-liners.

The point is that I’ve had a lot of variety come across my keyboard and I’ve learned the best copywriting techniques to get attention, create a connection and drive action.

I'm still working with clients, in addition to teaching others how to become successful, in-demand copywriters. 

Will you be one of them?

  • Zoe Heard, Get Heard
    After a particularly meager month, Zoe was afraid she’d have to shut down the business—she earned less than she was paying for her son’s childcare.
    She knew she had to find better clients and increase her rates or she might as well find a part-time job.

    After joining, Zoe told Belinda about her revenue issues and problem clients, as well as her financial goals. They worked out the minimum rate she should charge given how many billable hours she had available per week, and then discussed what kind of clients she needed to book in order to reach her income goal.

    By the end of the coaching session, Zoe had a map of the work she needed to do on her business and a new minimum rate she needed to charge her clients.

    Zoe is now fully booked with clients and her gross invoiced billings for April was a 372% increase from before she joined Confident Copywriting.
    Zoe Heard, Get Heard

What do you get once you're a Confident Copywriter?

Each month this private membership delivers:

We also have bonus sessions

  • Workshops and Bootcamps

    Special copywriting events that will dig deep into a specific topic or skill. (A workshop will be a few action-focused hours. A boot camp will go over a few days or weeks.)

  • Webinars

    Copywriting webinars about copywriting things. You can attend live or watch the recordings at your leisure!

But wait… there's more!

Excuse me while I just punch myself in the face for that last subhead.

But seriously... there is more.

Get instant access to templates like these:

  1. My sales proposal template to sell your value well before they get to your price.
  2. New client onboarding checklist I use to go from enquiry to post-project follow up (because the less I have to remember, the more brain-space I have left to be awesome).
  3. My terms and conditions template to make sure each client knows what to expect.
  4. My copywriting brief template, laden with the questions I use to uncover the client GOLD are holding onto (without the awkward pauses). 
  5. My copy deck template, so you can WOW clients before they've even read a word.
  6. Revisions instructions to reduce the number of pointless feedback you get.
  7. My testimonial form template to collect stellar reviews from clients.
  8. Send this 9-word email  to drum up work from clients who said no (at first)

PLUS a mini-course called Instant Traction that walks you through:

  • How to set goals that will push you even further
  • How to figure out what your special sauce is
  • How to introduce yourself so that new meetings turn into new clients
  • How to work out your minimum rate so that you don't starve!

And a whole series on getting clients.


You can start levelling up your copywriting skills with resources and tutorials on

  • Using future pacing: an incredibly powerful copywriting technique
  • Review mining: to speak the language of your audience
  • Open loops in your bullets: a level up on copywriting persuasion
  • Editing tips from the expert editor, Carol Tice.
  • Writing welcome emails and thank you pages.
  • Proof stacking: 13 types of credibility 
  • Tone of voice tools to analyse your writing.

Just to name a few. You want more? Good!

  • Eman Ismail, Inkhouse
    “I didn’t know how to price my services. I was doing a lot of work because I had clients, but I wasn’t making very much money. I knew I needed some help,"

    “Confident Copywriting cost a bit more than LinkedIn Premium, but I thought I’d get so much more out of being a part of the community Belinda created.”

    With Confident Copywriting, Eman receives monthly copywriting resources, tutorials, and templates, as well as a group coaching and accountability calls led by Belinda. Eman says, “The resources and templates Belinda offers in Confident Copywriting make my life so much easier and my business so much easier to run. I got much more than I expected.”

    Knowing she needed a plan to raise her rates, Eman booked a Pick My Brain individual coaching session with Belinda. During their session, Belinda helped Eman map out how much she wanted to earn per month and then determined what her rates needed to be to reach that number.

    “I never would have had the confidence to raise my rates by that much without Belinda’s help. It wasn’t an issue at all with my clients. That conversation opened up a whole new world to me.” Instead of being afraid of turning down a project because a potential client wouldn’t pay her rates, Eman now understood that there would be other clients who would.

    It resulted in 363% increase in monthly gross revenue
    Eman Ismail, Inkhouse

Copywriting reviews and critiques on tap? Oh yes.

In the Copywriting Master Class you can get the copy you write as part of the course reviewed and critiqued by me. In Confident Copywriting, you can get those kinds of reviews about ANY  copy you're working on.


The fastest way to improve the quality of your writing is to have it critiqued. 

Submit your copy for a recorded review by me and make sure your first draft is client ready. Normally, I charge $120 USD for a 30-minute advice session, so if you submit just two pieces of copy you've paid for a year of support and mentoring.


  • Charmaine Dalziel, Charm Writers
    "Thank you so much. I felt very out of practise so I was relieved you could fit in my review. Can't believe I forgot all those CTAs and headers - won't let that happen again.
    Plus thank you for your advice about keeping the tone consistent throughout..... and everything else, it really polished the copy to a far higher standard overall."
    Charmaine Dalziel, Charm Writers

But it's not just about the resources. It's about community and support.

Because being a freelancer copywriter can be isolating.

Sure, not working on-site means you don't have to make small talk with the office dick. But, it also means you lose valuable connections with other humans.

In the Confident Copywriting community, you can ask questions and get advice but you can also vent about clients (and the people around you who don't seem to take your work seriously), get a high five for a win, and have a laugh before you dive back into work.

It's the best damn water cooler you'll find.

A water cooler with a mentor on standby.

A quick search reveals that most successful people have a mentor supporting them.

A mentor is a coach (showing you new ways of thinking and helping you stay focused on your goals), a challenger (to push you out of your comfort zone) and a cheerleader (to raise the roof on your progress).

A mentor is also someone who can be real with... to share the times you feel like it's never going to happen and when you're ego feels bruised. Because those days happen to us all.

That's a big (but often under-valued) part of the return you'll get on your investment. 

When you join this week, you win in a few ways. 

#1 You can get started on the next phase of your business development with a certain amount of smugness that YOU are investing in yourself. That's what smart business owners do.

#2 You can update your calendar with the workshops and webinars happening as part of Confident Copywriting pricing bonanza, all June. Yes, it's a lame name but it's going to be REALLY GOOD. There are going to be lots of aha moments. 

#3 You can start Instant Traction bonus course and start making progress.

#4 You can access these BONUSES.

🔥How to Quote Big and Get a YES! 

Discover the changes I made to my sales proposal to sky-rocket conversions.

🔥Find and Woo Amazing Clients

Grab my script for hooking up with businesses who can send you work all year round.

🔥Reset Your Pricing Mindset

This webinar with Brook McCarthy shares some tactical ways you can reset your pricing ground zero.

🔥How to turn leads into sales

Learn how to push past the awkward moments before you get a yes, and get clients excited about working with you.


All payments are in USD (US dollars). No Australian GST is charged.

Click here to convert the cost to your local currency.

Pssssst! If you're a student of the Copywriting Master Class...  Login here to see special pricing.

Keep it loose. Pay monthly.
$37 USD p/mnth

* Copywriting resources

* Copywriter at work tutorials

* Coaching calls & webinars

* Business building advice

* Workshops and bootcamps

* Copywriting reviews (by me)

* Cancel anytime!

Buy 1 year
Get 1 month FREE
$33.91 USD p/mth

* Copywriting resources

* Copywriter at work tutorials

* Coaching calls & webinars

* Business building advice

* Workshops and bootcamps

* Copywriting reviews (by me)

This is a special pricing section for students of my Copywriting Master Class. If you're a student of that course, login and come back! YOU'LL SAVE $$$!

That's less than a dollar a day!


89 cents a day, to be precise.

What can you even buy with less than a dollar? If you save up, you might get a coffee at the end of the week.

So, for the price of a coffee a week you can accelerate your copywriting skills and your business development... you can boost your value, grow your business and get paid MORE.

That's what it's all about.

That is crazy cheap considering the price of other memberships (which are $79 per month... That's nearly $1K a year!).

Not yours though. If you join now, you'll have this price locked in for as long as you are a member.

That's what it's all about.

If you want to be better, this is how.

  • Leeha Debnam, Mind Your Words
    With Confident Copywriting, Leeha receives monthly copywriting resources, tutorials, and templates, as well as a group coaching and accountability calls led by Belinda.

    Leeha says, “Confident Copywriting has been amazing because I’m surrounded by a community of great copywriters. I can post about something in my business I’m unsure of and so many people respond with encouraging advice about how they might approach it.” Confident Copywriting also shifted Leeha attitude towards networking and building connections that will lead to new projects.
    Leeha Debnam, Mind Your Words

This community is perfect for you if...

Stage #1 ASPIRING (You've got dreams baby!)

  • You are a beginner when it comes to copywriting but you're certain this is a career you want to pursue
  • You havent written copy that will be published to an audience (for a specified objective)
  • You don't have clients
  • You may even be in a day job, planning your exit
  • You enjoy writing but you have no idea about how to construct a piece of sales copy
  • And believe me when I tell you it's all about construction
  • Reading copywriting blogs leaves you feeling overwhelmed

In this first stage of desire, you want to learn more without being overwhelmed

You want guidance on getting started as a copywriter.

Confident Copywriting will give you:


  • Copywriting basics to set the foundation of your learning
  • Tips on getting your freelance business off the ground
  • Hands on coaching to smash the barriers holding you back

In short, you want to STOP DREAMING and START DOING.

Stage #2 WORKING (You're on your way!)

  • You understand some copywriting essentials but you're writing on instinct
  • SO you're often frustrated by how long the writing takes you
  • You're often uncertain about the quality of the copy you've written
  • You're trying to learn as much as possible but you feel like an imposter
  • You aren't confidently calling yourself a copywriter yet, but you want to develop your business
  • You have a registered business name (or have one chosen) and youre developing your marketing (website), maybe in secret

You want to feel more in control before you start a writing project.

You want the writing process to feel more natural (and easy).

As a professional copywriter, you want to have a steady stream of clients.

In short, you want to write MORE AWESOMELY and get PAID.

Confident Copywriting will give you:


  • Process and systems around writing, to make it easier to get started - and finish
  • That's copywriting techniques, yes, but also research, structuring, editing and working through revisions
  • Help with pricing and writing proposals so your quotes are accepted by the right clients
  • A confident copywriting is never under-booked or over-priced (to the right clients)
  • Tips on confidently working with clients (so they never know you're a beginner)
  • Coaching to develop things like your key selling points - a big smash to any lack of confidence!

Stage #3 GROWING (You're getting bigger and it hurts)

  • You've been doing this copywriting thing for a little while and no longer feel overwhelmed before you begin writing
  • There are a lot of projects youve never done before and they can make you a little queasy
  • You wonder if you should say yes, or pass
  • You are beginning to identify tricky clients and can say no to working with them
  • You have a relatively steady pipeline of satisfied clients, earning enough to pay for your life but you say yes too oftenthat leads to creative burnout
  • Your business processes are being pushed to the limit

You want to learn more advanced writing techniques.

You want to broaden the range of copywriting projects you can take on (confidently).

As a copywriter you want to create business systems that make you work more efficiently (without burning out).

In short, you want to take what you know and LEVEL UP. You don't want to have to work more in order to be paid more and you want to be PAID MORE because working yourself into the ground isn't why you became a copywriter.

Confident Copywriting will give you:


  • More sophisticated copywriting techniques to help you move more readers to action (which is great for clients)
  • Processes, systems and tools to make running your business less stressful
  • Hands on coaching to help you bust through the frustrations that can make work a CHORE

Stage #4 STRETCHING (You're going to level up)

  • You feel confident in your copywriting skills: your ability to hone in on important messages and craft copy that inspires action by your target reader
  • You can write relatively quickly, giving yourself more project time to spend on creative concepts and editing
  • You are sharing your knowledge and experience with others
  • You have a copywriting rate that turns away low paying clients
  • Your business has balance with your life most of the time
  • You're living the dream, right? But you're looking for more
  • You are looking for the next challenge with your writing and your business

Confident Copywriting will give you:


You want help to figure out what is the next step for your business.

You need accountability to achieve new goals.

You might think that getting more clients is the end of your journey but as you can see, there is always a new challenge and more to learn.

MY goal here is to give you resources that will make your copywriting journey easier AND offer you guidance through the tricky spots.

You don't have to figure it all out on your own. You don't feel isolated as you're reaching new goals and successes.

The Resources + Support + Community you need to have CONFIDENT WRITING + A CONFIDENT BUSINESS.

What happens if you don't join?



You will keep on, just as you are now reading blogs and getting high-level tips on how to apply copywriting techniques. Working with the clients you've got and grasping at new clients that come along.

You'll be just fine.

But is "fine" what you want for your business?

  • Becky Brown, iWrite
    Six months into starting her business Becky was confident in her copywriting skills, but she knew she had more to learn about running a business. There were times when she was uneasy about raising her rates or wasn’t sure what to say to a client who wasn’t paying an invoice. She was also worried about the isolation that comes with being a solo entrepreneur and feared she would burn herself out working all the time.

    “I needed more support, more information, and to feel like I knew what was doing,” says Becky.
    She says, “Confident Copywriting helped me raise my rates and reach my financial goals instead of selling myself short because I have cheerleaders behind me saying go for it!” “As a result of taking Belinda’s Copywriting Master Class and being a part of her Confident Copywriting coaching group, I have developed the skills to understand the true capacity of my business,” says Becky.
    Becky Brown, iWrite

Got questions? Like these?

Do I need to have completed the Copywriting Master Class?

You don't need to have completed the course to benefit from Confident Copywriting.

In fact, many members are working through the course alongside all the extras of Confident Copywriting.

Do you have other questions?

Ask me anything you need to know in order to decide if this is right for you.

Already decided? Keep scrolling for where and how to sign up.

Is there a job board?

No. I understand how appealing a job board is and I know there is a job board in a lot of other communities but here's the thing I don't want you to rely on my brand to get work. I want to help you create your own brand and land your own jobs so you don't rely on anyone for work. Including me.

Will I pass on the leads I get? Yes. Should you count on it? No.

Are there unlimited copy reviews?

Alas, no. Each month I will select 1-2 submissions to review.

If you're in a hurry and want to guarantee you'll get your copy reviewed before your deadline, I encourage you to book a 30min or 60min coaching session with me (as these are started a few days after you book).

As a Confident Copywriter, you will get 20% off the full price of these sessions.