2 Simple Ways to Make your DISQUS profile MUCH More Effective

DISQUS (pronounced discuss) is a global blog commenting system. It consolidates the comments you make on other blogs and the comments you get on your own blog into one easy to manage dashboard. It becomes very easy for commenters to chat with each other and you, and that’s a win for your blog.

This post, rather than being a review of DISQUS, will focus on making the most of your DISQUS profile once it’s setup.

Fill out your DISQUS profile.

Completing your DISQUS profile isn’t a time consuming exercise but it’s worth taking some extra time to fill out every field especially your name, avatar, and your bio.

PRO TIP: Your bio appears after your published comments and gives you a great chance to spark some interest in who you are and what you do.

DISQUS blog comment system
Edit your profile - especially your bio
DISQUS blog comment system    
Your bio will appear after your comment

PRO TIP: Populate your name, in addition to your username, so your image presentation in comment threads is a little more approachable.

Connect your DISQUS profile and merge your comments.

If you post a comment using your Facebook or Twitter (or Google, Yahoo! or OpenID) login, you can ensure they all get merged into your DISQUS blog comments dashboard. By connecting your DISQUS and social media profiles, you can also share your comment on social media as you hit submit.

DISQUS blog comment system
Connect DISQUS with your social media profiles

If you’ve posted blog comments in the past and used the same email address as your DISQUS profile, you can merge those blog comments into your DISQUS dashboard with a few clicks. In fact, DISQUS will prompt you to merge your profiles.

Using DISQUS means you only have to manage single profile to view all your blog comments, making life just that little bit easier.

Do you use DISQUS comment system? Let me know if you’re a fan, or not, and whether you maximise your profile.

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  1. collen westling says

    Helpful article. Been using Disqus commenting system for quite long now for my blogs. It really boost interaction between fellow readers. For some you can disable guess postings and use other logins like social media accounts to somehow connect with fellow readers.

  2. says

    One thing I wanted to ask. I have checked the option for media attachments but there’s no way to limit the size (which is enormous) I find having a full size youtube video or a large sized pic pretty distracting for my readers.

  3. Matt Cook says

    Oh, beautiful. I even *have* DISQUS on my own blog and had no idea what it was. I was just browsing your articles and found this gem. Off to write my profile now. Check out my blog if you like: http://www.purecopywriting.com (well, in future that will be in my profile!)

  4. says

    There was a lot of great information in this article. Disqus can be a bit of minefield if not used correctly. What would you suggest for the best method to find more disqus enabled websites to generate more traffic back to your own content?

  5. Srinivasan T says

    Hi, I just new to the disqus network. You’ve shared information really useful for me. Make sure will try to implement those things on my profile.

  6. Michael says

    But if I have a few sites, how can I add links of all of them in the profile using disqus? Or do you have any suggestion?

  7. says

    Huge huge fan of it. I can see Disqus taking off in a very real way because it can potentially give people a quite expansive idea as to who you are which as a musician in the digital age is an EXTREMELY important part of establishing a fan base.

  8. says

    I really like Disqus especially that I don’t have to wait for page reloads when I have a heap of comments to reply to on my site which can be quite time consuming. I also love that once I’m logged in I stay logged in for any Disqus site I may visit. Disqus just makes things a lot easier all round

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