You love to write, right? Words come easily (and they sound nice) but you know there is a secret sauce missing. The knowledge that coverts words into sales.

Or maybe you’re writing in isolation. You’ve don’t have a reliable feedback loop and you never know if your copy is any good. I mean really good.

And then you have the mess. You’re reinventing the wheel for every copywriting project when you need a streamlined process for a scalable business.

Frustrated copywriter

This is the moment you decide…

if you want to keep writing average copy or

learn to write copy that earns $$$

propel your copywriting from good to GREAT

learn short cuts so you can write faster

You may think copywriters at the top of their game are simply talented. The truth is, copywriting is far more of a science than an art … and it can be learned.

My Copywriting Master Class is your chance to have me as your own copywriting science teacher (coach and cheerleader).

Yes! I want to write compelling, profitable copy

This is a copywriting course for beginners who want to seriously up their writing game.

If you’re already a copywriter but you aren’t knocking it out of the park – this course is for you.

If you want a new career as a copywriter – this course is definitely for you.

If you write copy for your own business – this course is for you.

If you offer copywriting as part of your core service (I’m looking at you, graphic and web designers) – this course is for you.

M4 Fox

Psst! Want know a secret?

Copywriting is part creativity, but it’s only a small part.

About 80% of copywriting is technique and process. When you know the framework for a website page, brochure, sales letter or ad and you know how to hone in on the messages that matter, you will write better copy, faster (just like copywriters at the top of their game).

Whether you want to write copy or you write copy now, this course will teach you techniques to create compelling, customer-focused copywriting and the processes you need to make it repeatable, time and time again. Introducing…

My Copywriting Master Class

16 lessons delivered over 12 weeks. But it’s so much more than lessons about copywriting.

Sure, you will learn the framework of effective copywriting, starting with understanding the reader and keeping their attention all the way to making an offer that motivates action.

But this isn’t a collection of generalities. I will be sharing the copywriting formulas, templates, writing tips and shortcuts I use every day. And that’s just the beginning.

Yes! I want to write compelling, profitable copy

The question for you is:

Are you ready for a shortcut to the top of your game?

Because there are lots (and lots) of copywriters out there. First-rate copywriters, though, aren’t quite as common.

The faster you create effective copywriting, the more profitable the time spent is.

First-rate copywriters:

* Expertly pluck at the emotional strings of a reader.

* Write about benefits that light a fire in their belly.

* Know how to make an irresistible offer.

* Understand when to keep writing, and when to stop.

* Have repeatable processes to do it quickly.

Because time is money. You can’t afford to spend endless amounts of time on a piece of copywritingYou need to get the big thinking done as quickly as possible and repeat it time and time again.

That’s what this Master Class will help you do.

Class size is limited so I can give you the attention you need to accelerate

Yes! I want to write compelling, profitable copy

  • Derek Etherton, Copywriting Master Class Oct 2014
    It’s the most hands-on copywriting course you’ll find. Every lesson is packed with exercises. You actually write copy, loads of copy, and you get a ton of feedback too. You can feel your writing skills improving after every lesson.
    Step by step, the lessons build into an extensive how-to manual for the whole copywriting process. Everything is very well explained and easy to follow. They’re packed with practical tools and techniques, a real treasure chest of resources that helps you write great copy. I know I’ll be coming back to them again and again.
    This course has been an excellent way to jumpstart my journey to copywriting success. I’ve made more progress in the last few months on this course than with any other books or copywriting training I’ve tried. It’s been a great confidence boost and I can see a real improvement in my writing.
    I actually feel like a real copywriter now – it’s not just a dream. Thanks, Belinda – this has been the best investment I’ve made in my new career. I haven’t regretted signing up once.
    Derek Etherton, Copywriting Master Class Oct 2014
  • Suzi Dafnis - Community Director & CEO, Australian Businesswomen’s Network
    Belinda has an innate skill as a teacher. She understands the adult learner and the makings of training that educations, informs and transforms. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Belinda’s trainings and co-presenting with her and… well, she ROCKS.
    Suzi Dafnis - Community Director & CEO, Australian Businesswomen’s Network
  • Jodi Gibson, Copywriting Master Class, Oct 2014
    Last year I decided to take a big step towards my writing future and invest in a Copywriting course. I didn’t want just any course. I wanted one that covered all the nuts and bolts, and one with a presenter who was experienced, knowledgeable and dynamic. Not asking much hey?
    Then I stumbled upon Belinda and her Master Class.
    The course was everything I wanted and more. Belinda covers everything you need to know. From the psychology of consumers’ minds and what motivates them to buy, through to SEO copywriting techniques as well as the actual client brief and writing processes. All of which are thoroughly covered in a concise way that is easy to understand and implement.
    I have done quite a few writing courses in recent years but I can genuinely say Belinda’s is one of the best. If you are wanting to turn the corner of your copywriting career I can’t recommend Belinda and her Copywriting Master Class highly enough. You won’t regret it.
    Jodi Gibson, Copywriting Master Class, Oct 2014

Let's get down to business

Got questions? Like these?

Do I need to be a professional copywriter already?

Not at all. The Copywriting Master Class has been designed for copywriters of all levels who want to accelerate their skills. It’s also for people who want to become copywriters starting with a strong foundation of skills.

Do I need to have projects I can write about?

Nope. All the exercises contain client scenarios you can write about, with all the information you need to complete the exercise. So you don’t need to BYO clients!

Do I need to attend live sessions?

Each lesson is available as content you can read through as well as recorded presentations (of the same content). You can also download the presentation slides to keep as notes. Oh – and you can access all the content when it suits you.

There are live Q&A calls each month where anyone can ask me questions about the course, their copy, SEO, the copywriting, industry ... anything really! 

Yes! I want to write compelling, profitable copy

What if I can’t start straight away? Can I still sign up?

Definitely. The Copywriting Master Class is self-paced so even if you’re not ready for a lesson when it becomes available, you can grab it when you are.

You have lifetime access to the content and the community so whenever you post questions or your homework, I’ll respond.

What if I realise it's not for me? Can I get a refund?

It can happen. It hasn't happened yet but you can access the course materials for 30 days to decide if the Copywriting Master Class is for you. That means you get all of Module 1 - the PDFs, the videos, the exercises, everything. 

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Money back guarantee for the Copywriting Master Class

If you STILL don't think you'll walk away a better copywriter, let me know within 30 days of the course start day - I'll refund all your money. You won't be able to access any further content though, or the community.

Here is my refund policy, all official looking.

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