You love to write, right? But there is a secret sauce, missing.

The knowledge that coverts words into sales.

When you’re faced with the task of writing sales copy that compels people to buy (register, subscribe or download), your mind goes blank. Where and how do you begin?

You don’t want to be pushy but you need readers to take action. So you begin to write. And write. And write.

Now you have 1,000 words when you only need 100 (the ones that will deliver sales). 

Frustrated copywriter

You wonder, what next? How do copywriters write prose that makes a profit?

Want to know a secret?

You may think copywriters at the top of their game have their creative talent to thank. The truth is, copywriting is part creativity but it’s only a small part. A very small part.

About 80% of copywriting is technique and process.

When you know the framework for writing a website page, brochure, sales letter or advertising and you understand how to home in on the messages that matter, you can write copy that commands attention and action (just like copywriters at the top of their game).

And you will write it quickly.

Copywriting theory + templates + coaching = confidence

Whether you want to write copy or you write copy now, this copywriting course will teach you techniques to create compelling, customer-focused copywriting and the processes you need to do it again and again and again.

But there is always the uncertainty that…

  • You’re actually not a good writer after all.
  • You don't know how to improve the skills you're learning, without clients
  • You don't have the time do a comprehensive course.

Are the odds stacked against you?

Let’s see what a new copywriter (and graduate) has to say.

  • Derek Etherton - Copy Tricks
    As someone looking to switch careers and become a freelance copywriter (and having never written a line of copy before), [I found] the Copywriting Master Class was exactly the start I needed.
    It’s the most hands-on copywriting course you’ll find. Every lesson is packed with exercises. You actually write copy, loads of copy, and you get a ton of feedback too.

    You can feel your writing skills improving after every lesson. Step by step, the lessons build into an extensive how-to manual for the whole copywriting process.

    Everything is very well explained and easy to follow. [Lessons are] packed with practical tools and techniques, a real treasure chest of resources that helps you write great copy.
    I know I’ll be coming back to them again and again. This course has been an excellent way to jump-start my journey to copywriting success.

    I’ve made more progress in the last few months on this course than with any other books or copywriting training I’ve tried. It’s been a great confidence boost and I can see a real improvement in my writing. I actually feel like a real copywriter now.
    Thanks, Belinda – this has been the best investment I’ve made in my new career.
    Derek Etherton - Copy Tricks

Landing page breaker This copywriting course is designed to:

  • Teach you the critical writing techniques behind copy that earns $$$
  • Show you processes and shortcuts to write better copy, much faster than you ever have before
  • Propel your copywriting to a level that will command higher rates

The entire copywriting process covers:

  1. Understanding the business you’re writing about
  2. Knowing their audience and the best buttons to push
  3. Getting reader’s attention in a noisy, crowded marketplace
  4. Crafting an offer that people just can’t say no to!
  5. Reducing risk so they have nothing to lose
  6. Directing action that can’t be ignored
  7. Linking the headline and the call to action (writing actual copy)
  8. Editing like hell

And, for online copywriting,

  1. Optimising for SEO (to woo Google too)

Copywriting Master Class Owl

Average copywriting doesn’t sell and it won’t make your writing services so popular you are always in demand.

In this copywriting course, you'll learn the strategies and tactics professional copywriters use to write copy that makes readers excited to take action (that action you want them to take) – whether that’s booking, downloading or handing over some cash.

There are no sneaky, slimy sales tactics here. It’s all about understanding people and then choosing the words that will motivate them. 

But learning is more than just ‘getting information’.

You can find all the copywriting techniques I explain on the internet. Seriously.

But all that available information hasn’t helped you become a copywriter.

Why? Because learning involves so much more. And everyone has a preference for the way they learn.

You might like to read while others prefer to watch and listen or practise until it's second nature.

The Copywriting Master Class brings all those elements together:

  • PDF lesson content – rich in detail and easy to understand
  • Video tutorials – professionally created and interesting to watch
  • Video slide decks – for visual prompts and notes
  • Audio files – to listen on the go
  • Worksheets and exercises – to help you apply your new skills
  • Forum – for feedback, questions and discussions
  • Facebook group – for community, connections and fun!

To help reinforce each new copywriting technique, there are also:

  • Easy-to-remember, quick tips
  • Jargon-busting explanations
  • Tonnes of examples from brands around the world
  • Case studies and stories
  • Templates
  • Checklists

As I said, it’s not simply about making lots of information available to you in one central location (although you get that).

The premium Copywriting Master Class is about applying what you are learning and getting feedback on how you can improve.

That's where your copywriting confidence comes from.

As your copywriting coach, I’m there to teach and nurture you as you learn and, most importantly, show you exactly what you need to do differently so your copywriting skills improve instantly.

  • Me. Belinda Weaver, creator of the Copywriting Master Class, copywriting coach and mentor
    I limit each intake because I work hard to make sure students walk away with the skills to be top-quality copywriters. That's my goal for every attendee.
    Me. Belinda Weaver, creator of the Copywriting Master Class, copywriting coach and mentor

What if you’re already a writer or a copywriter?

While the Copywriting Master Class assumes you don’t have any knowledge of copywriting and marketing strategy, the copywriting techniques don’t simply skim along at an introductory level.

Each explanation goes deep into the reasoning and application of how it works.

And most lesson worksheets offer you an additional, advanced exercise so you can jump straight into the advanced work. Or, as your copywriting skills improve, you can keep testing yourself.

  • Jodi Gibson
    I 'fell into' copywriting but after 8 years of writing and building a business, I needed some guidance and 'structure'. Signing up to the course was a no-brainer with the payment plan option and lifetime access.

    I really like Belinda's generosity and kindness in all aspects of course: coaching calls, forums, FB group. The content is world-class: how-to's, templates and support = invaluable.
    Plus, every coaching call is worth the investment of the course alone...

    Connecting with other copywriters at all stages of their journey, worldwide, has been amazing. Their support for my challenges and the knowledge that they've been able to improve their business while taking care of their life outside of copywriting has been fabulous.

    Would I recommend this course? Yes!
    Jodi Gibson



The Copywriting Master Class

Premium copywriting coaching with 16 value-packed lessons on copywriting techniques (including a bonus course on SEO copywriting). 

But it’s so much more than lessons about copywriting.

Sure, you will learn the framework of effective copywriting, starting with understanding the reader and keeping their attention all the way to making an offer that motivates action.

But this isn’t a collection of generalities. I will be sharing the copywriting formulas, templates, writing tips and shortcuts I use every day.

And that’s just the beginning.

Here’s an insight into what you’ll learn:

M2: Inciting action is what copywriting is all about. Module 2 shows you:

  • Secret words, that pack a punch, to get the right kind of attention.
  • The seductive offers that have buyers stepping over their grandmas to say yes.
  • How to instantly create the kind of trust you only had with your secret-pinky-swear-friend at school.
  • The surprisingly straightforward way to persuade readers to take the final step.

PLUS access to my SEO Writing course.

  • Exactly what this SEO malarkey is all about (no fluff, no flimflam).
  • Tapping into the changing language of shoppers to find profit-generating words.
  • 4 straightforward writing techniques that optimise copy without readers even realising.
  • The clever tools SEO copywriters use to test their SEO copywriting.

M1: The first module puts you in the shoes of the brand and their customers.

  • How to get the hidden information customers don’t want you to know about them.
  • The simple 2-word question that uncovers benefits so good they stop people in the street.
  • What a unicorn can teach you about personality packed copywriting (and how to write it).
  • Making your reader feel like a star and your copy feel like a persuasive whisper in their ear.

M3: The nitty-gritty of the writing process.

  • The yellow brick road to repeatable copywriting success.
  • The nuts and bolts of brochures, ads, websites, direct mail and letters.
  • How to cut the fat and leave your copy slim and trim.
  • The extra steps that make your copy incredibly readable.

Get the course outline and see what each lesson covers

Download the detailed course outline for a lesson-by-lesson breakdown

Download the course outline
  • Ami Williamson - Damn Write
    I've always had a 'thing' for sharp well-written words, but hadn't considered writing them for a living til recently. The problem was I didn't have the slightest clue about how to do it.

    The Copywriting Master Class is jam packed with practical information that teaches you how to write copy. The community of copywriters is another benefit. It's great to get feedback from multiple sources, see what everyone else has come up with and bounce ideas around.

    The best is having Belinda review the homework. That shit is GOLD!

    Would I recommend the course? Hell yes! It's a solid foundation in copywriting. Great for anyone who needs a starting point.
    Ami Williamson - Damn Write

Learn copywriting then accelerate with coaching

Over 16 lessons, you'll learn the marketing theory behind the copywriting PLUS:

  • 124 super copywriting tips and hints
  • 184 examples of the techniques in action
  • 94 exercises to flex your new muscles

The PDF content is broken up into logical sections that make it easy to refer back to as you progress through the course AND after your finish! 

(VALUED AT $950)

Digestible chunks of lesson content

  • Each lesson will take you 15-30 minutes to get through (depending on whether you read the lesson and/or watch the video).   
  • Go through each lesson in your own time and in the way you prefer, whether that's reading the lesson text or watching the video tutorials. Or both! I recommend you do both to help cement your knowledge in place.
  • Then you have a worksheet to complete. How long you spend on those is entirely up to you but you should leave at least 30-90 minutes.

Plus stacks of BONUS material including:

  • Ultimate Headline Swipe File with 110 headline formulas
  • Power Words Mega File with over 300 power words to spice up your copy
  • An SEO copywriting cheat sheet to help you tick all the SEO boxes
  • Super sneaky word count cheat sheet with word count guides for different copywriting projects
  • Copywriting checklist for almost every piece of marketing
  • Super ad pack swipe file with world-class ads to inspire you!

(VALUED AT $250)

These are my secret weapons when it comes to writing exceptional copy, and I’m giving them to you. 

Me as your copywriting coach and mentor (<< the best bit!)

In the invite-only Master Class forum you can post your copy for UNLIMITED REVIEWS (by me) as well as your questions and challenges. I'll be there to guide, nurture and give feedback as much (or as little) as you need. 

This is how your transformation happens.

This is how you turn the information into the skill.

Each student gets 16+ hours of coaching PLUS you'll also be invited to monthly live coaching calls and webinars - exclusively for Copywriting Master Class students. You can ask me anything on these calls so they are really, really valuable.

(VALUED AT $2200)

Access to a supportive copywriting community

As a member of this exclusive community, you will build the network that helps your business grow! You'll also have access to coaching calls and webinars for six months plus forever access to the coaching forum where you can keep getting support from me and your fellow copywriters.

At the end of the six month period, you'll be invited to continue your coaching in the private Confident Copywriting community (at a special discounted rate).

$360 p/year

Total value: $3760

When you complete the course you will have: 

  • A solid understanding of the science behind copywriting
  • Writing processes that will help you apply copywriting techniques with deliberate intent
  • An ultimate copywriting bible you can refer back to as you write (something all copywriters do).
  • A badge and certificate of completion you can show off to the world
  • A written recommendation from me 
  • The chance to be added to my list of recommended students to which I refer all my copywriting enquiries
  • Pieces you can use in your copywriting portfolio.

Landing page breaker

All good courses come with a guarantee and this is no different. Introducing…

My LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT MONEY-BACK GUARANTEEMoney back guarantee for the Copywriting Master Class

If after digging into the course for 30 days, you STILL don't think you'll walk away a better copywriter, let me know within 30 days of the course start day – and I'll refund all your money.

You won't be able to access any further content, or the community, or the coaching but you’ll have your cash back. And that’s cool.

Here is my refund policy, all official looking.

So just to make sure you’re clear, you get instant access to all the content after registering. You can participate in the forum discussions and at least one live coaching call within your 30 days trial.

If you’re not impressed and you let me know within 30 days of your purchase date, you can call it quits. No hard feelings.

That sounds like you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Give it a try.


  • Becky Brown - iWrite
    When I joined the Copywriting Master Class, I was a very new copywriting business owner and knew there was so much I didn't know. I had a few books on the shelf and a load of confidence and enthusiasm, but I needed specific skills training.

    Belinda's sense of humor and down-to-earth style were what hooked me in for sure. She was approachable and ready to share so much valuable information - I jumped in with both feet and I am so glad I did.

    Yes, it was pricey for me at the time, but an important investment in the success of my business. The monthly coaching calls and the easy access to Belinda and the others in my cohort have been worth the investment alone.

    So freaking awesome to be able to throw out a question and get so much valuable support. Thanks, Belinda! You're the best!
    Becky Brown - iWrite

Copywriting landing page breaker breaker

What makes this copywriting course so good?

Students say the personal coaching element is by far and away the BEST part of this course.

You cannot learn to write profitable copy in a vacuum (unless you’re prepared to spend years gaining experience).

You need to apply the skills and techniques, then you need feedback on where you’re falling short and how to take the extra steps to greatness.Belinda Weaver Copywriter

That’s what the coaching element of this copywriting course offers. You get me as your copywriting coach, nurturing your skills and helping you to improve much faster than you could on your own.

The more you put in, the more I put in. I allow 16+ hours of forum coaching time for each student plus additional time each month on the live coaching calls and in the Facebook group.

No minions. It’s ME.

This is where I get the most feedback. Students tell me "this shit is GOLD" while other business owners tell me to scale the coaching back and allow more people to sign up.

But that would make the course less valuable, in my eyes.

So I limit each intake and give each student my all. 

And students who use the coaching available to improve their copywriting get a written recommendation from me and the chance to be added to my referral list of recommendation students.


  • Zoe Heard - Get Heard
    By far the most valuable part of the course has been the coaching and mentoring. What I thought I was buying was a copywriting technical skills course. What I got was all that PLUS incredibly valuable personal mentoring for my new copywriting career.

    With Belinda's mentoring (and knowledge-bombs from her Hot Copy Podcast), I was able to launch my copywriting business with solid project processes and the foundations of how to manage clients. This knowledge alone has probably saved me weeks or months of fumbling and frustration.

    Don't underestimate the value you'll get from the personal coaching. The coaching element alone is worth far more than the cost students pay for the course.
    Zoe Heard - Get Heard

Next… You get LIFETIME ACCESS to the course content, including access to ALL FUTURE UPGRADES.

Now that’s a big deal as I update the course content for each release of the course. I add resources, checklists, explanations and examples. As new stories and case studies become available, they get added as well. And you have access it to all.

Next… There are NO DEADLINES to get feedback from me.

Other courses make you keep up with the lessons being sent and limit how long you have to get reviews and feedback. I always fall behind on courses like that so the Copywriting Master Class isn’t one.

The upshot is that the feedback and critiques (of the worksheets you submit) are the same whether you submit on day 1 or day 100, whether you keep a steady pace through the lessons or you have to take a break now and then.

For as long as the course is running, I am there for you. I am committed to helping you succeed as a copywriter.

Now that can be a challenge for some people. Without a deadline, there is no impetus to do the lessons.

But there is.

It's the fire in your belly, driving you on to be the copywriting you want to be. If you can't motivate yourself now, how will you do it with clients?

I give you the space to develop your skills as a copywriter but also as a freelancer, in charge of your own workload. It’s up to YOU how you take full advantage of the opportunities the Copywriting Master Class offers you.

  • Bianca Haigh
    I wanted to learn to write compelling copy, efficiently. I also needed to develop confidence in my writing, and to be able to justify the choices made to keep good copy when it's at risk of being edited to death.
    Not having done something like this before, I wasn't sure whether it would be worth the investment = it was absolutely worth the investment, so in hindsight I would have enrolled a lot sooner if I had known how valuable the course would be.

    Being part of the community of others who have gone through the course is reassuring and empowering - real people making a real success out of their copywriting (with real challenges) - makes success feel more attainable.

    Would I recommend this course, absolutely!
    Bianca Haigh

Let’s get down to business

I only accept a limited number of copywriters in each course. And it's not that many. Why? Because I don't want to shortcut your progress by spreading myself too thin.

IMPORTANT: Here are the terms of service you agree to when you get to the Copywriting Master Class. I strongly suggest you read them.

All payments are in USD (US dollars). No Australian GST is charged.

Click here to convert the cost to your local currency.

Pay as you go
6 x $259 USD

* Your ultimate copywriting bible (worth $950)

* Lifetime access to content (worth $250)

* Copywriting coaching (worth $2200)

* Lifetime access to critiques and reviews (priceless)

Total value: $3400 at least!

Let's quickly recap...

When you join the Copywriting Master Class you get:

  • Lifetime access to 16 comprehensive copywriting lessons plus worksheets (including future upgrades)
  • Instant access to stack of swipe files and cheat sheets for headlines, SEO, word counts and ads
  • Unlimited reviews of your coursework with no time limits on submissions
  • Six monthly live coaching calls and webinars during which you can ask me anything about copywriting and being a copywriter (great for business development questions)
  • Special alumni invitation to my Confident Copywriting community, offering more in-depth and advanced techniques plus more hands-on coaching.
  • PLUS an exclusive invitation to a workshop on How to Write a High-Converting “About Me” Page when you pay up front (worth $297)

About the price

I’ve been deliberate about the length and pricing for this copywriting course. 

There are cheaper courses. There are shorter courses.

This is a copywriting course for people who are serious about making an investment … in themselves.

Is that you?

I get that it’s quite a bit of coin so I’ve created an affordable Pay As You Go option (for people with more fire in the belly than available cash right now). 

While each lesson is broken down into extremely digestible chunks, there is a lot to learn. This isn't a quick and easy copywriting course you can knock over in a few weeks. This is more like taking on a part-time university course for a semester.   

Remember, seats are limited but the Copywriting Master Class comes with my Love it or Leave it Money-Back Guarantee

If after digging into the course for 30 days, that means participating in the lessons, worksheets and coaching, you STILL don't think you'll walk away a better copywriter, let me know within 30 days of the course start day – and I'll refund all your money. You won't be able to access any further content, or the community, or the coaching calls but you’ll have your cash back. And that’s cool.

  • Elizabeth Bond, Whirlybird Words
    Even though I have been writing professionally since 2003 and a copywriter since 2008, I've found going through the fundamentals of marketing and tips to hone my copywriting skills to be incredibly valuable in taking my writing skills (and my business) to the next level.

    The detailed/comprehensive and honest (but supportive) feedback is what's of most value. I like that Belinda fits her feedback style to suit the student. She really cares and takes the time to give worthwhile responses.

    This isn't just a course for newbies. Belinda's wealth of experience, detailed feedback and consistent support gives even professional writers a chance to upskill their writing and writing processes.
    Elizabeth Bond, Whirlybird Words

Landing page breaker

What makes me the person to teach you?

I’m not a fly-by-night-written-a-few-emails-and-decided-to-teach kind of copywriter. I’ve been writing copy for 8+ years, full time as a successful and in-demand freelance copywriter for five of those years.Copywriter - Belinda Weaver

I’ve worked with hundreds (and hundreds) of clients of all sizes in all kinds of industries – from software products, insurance and financial planning to holiday packages, women’s shoes and plumbing. That doesn’t even scratch the surface!

I’ve written about products and services. I’ve written for SEO and for brand connection.

I’ve written websites, brochures, landing pages, slogans, directory listings, company and personal bios, blogs, email marketing, social media profiles, advertising, big fat ebooks and more. I’ve written pages and pages of copy and simple one-liners.

The point is that I’ve had a lot of variety come across my keyboard and I’ve learned the best copywriting techniques to get attention, create a connection and drive action.

And I’m sharing all that I know with students of the Copywriting Master Class.

Will you be one of them?

Landing page breaker

Do you have questions? Like these?


Do I need to be a professional copywriter to do this course?

Not at all. The Copywriting Master Class has been designed for beginners but copywriters of all levels will find it extremely valuable.

You might have just started out as a copywriter but you’ve never learned the technical aspects of copywriting.

You might have been writing copy for a little while and you feel like your skills have stagnated (that is, you’re not getting better and you want to take your writing to the next level of awesomeness).

You might want to become a copywriter and start with a strong foundation of skills.

Whatever skill level you have right now, you will blast through your own expectations.

Do I need to have projects I can write about?

No. All the exercises contain client scenarios to write about, with all the information you need to complete the exercise. So you don’t need to BYO clients!

When does the copywriting course actually start?

Once you secure your seat you get INSTANT access to all the material. So you can get stuck in straight away!

What if I fall behind? Is there a time limit on posting my homework for review?

There is NO time limit. WOOHOO!

You see, I get that life happens. You’ll have more pressing deadlines at one time or another, the kids will get sick, your internet will fail, you’ll take a holiday and sure as hell won’t study… But you can rest easy knowing you have lifetime access to the content and the community. That means whenever you post questions or your course work in the forum, I’ll respond!

What if I can’t start straightaway? Can I still sign up?

Definitely. The Copywriting Master Class is a self-paced copywriting course so even if you’re not ready for a lesson when it becomes available, you can grab it when you are.

Why do you limit the number of students you accept?

I dedicate a lot of time to helping Master Class students. I allow 16+ hours of forum coaching time for each student and 2 hours each month on the live coaching calls.

I limit the intake to make sure every student gets the attention they request.

What if I realise it's not for me? Can I get a refund?

It can happen. It hasn't happened yet but you can access the course materials for 30 days to decide if the Copywriting Master Class is for you. 


If, after you get my feedback from at least one lesson worksheet, you don't think you'll walk away a better copywriter, let me know within 30 days of the course start day – and I'll refund all your money. Money back guarantee for the Copywriting Master Class

Got more questions? Hit me up on

Do I need to attend live sessions?

Each lesson is available as content you can read through as well as recorded presentations (of the same content). You can also download the presentation slides to keep as notes. Oh – and you can access all the content when it suits you.

There are live coaching calls each month during which students can ask me questions about the course, their copy, being a freelancer, the copywriting industry ... these calls are the GOLD of the course!

“Thanks again – I felt really positive after the call. It's given me a bit of a motivation boost.” Derek Etherton

  • Mel Ellis - Flair Copy
    Before signing up, I’d only recently done another copywriting course. I was wondering if I really needed to do another course (It had given me a taste of copywriting but I strongly felt that I did need MORE), whether I needed a course as detailed as the Copywriting Master Class (I think I most definitely did!), and finally whether the course was going to be worth the price.

    After signing up it didn’t take me long to realise that it ticked all the boxes and then some.
    I wanted to get the best education possible and really set myself up well for my copywriting career.

    While the price was one of my initial concerns, my worry was totally unwarranted. This course is seriously good value for money!
    The amount of interaction with Belinda makes this course first-rate. She is generous with her time and the feedback on exercises is an awesome way to learn (practical, not just theoretical).

    The quality of the content in the lessons is high with PDFs, videos, slides and exercises. The lessons are broken up into digestible chunks, which makes it all super easy to understand. And each lesson builds on the last.

    I'm so glad I decided to take it.
    Mel Ellis - Flair Copy

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