Effective copywriting doesn’t just happen.

Copywriters use a lot of different techniques as they assemble great copy.

We draw on psychology, science, creativity and our love of wordplay. We also rely on tried and tested processes for understanding our readers, brainstorming what will push their buttons and how to max our persuasiveness.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the things you should keep in front of mind as you write.

So, let’s keep it simple.

In this FREE webinar, I’m going to share the three tips you absolutely NEED TO KNOW.

I call these my copywriting essentials.

Whether you are just dipping your toe into the world of copywriting, you write copy for clients or you write copy for your own business, when you know and use these three techniques, you WILL write better copy.

It’s that simple.

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  • How to get to the benefits that really matter to customers

    The two-word brainstorming question I use to turn features into advantages and advantages into meaningful benefits.
    Why do you need to know this? Surely, you can pick out some obvious benefits and run with those?
    Well, yes and no.
    The more meaningful the benefit, the stronger the sell. And most people don't get to the really meaningful benefits... they stop well short.

  • How to stop writing about the wrong person

    The turn-around technique that will shift the focus of your copy (and make your reader the star).
    Because great copywriting doesn't focus on a business, a product or a service.
    Great copywriting focuses on the transformation... the better self the reader is trying to be.

  • How to cut the fat from your copy (like experienced copywriters do)

    Quick-fire editing to cut the fat from your copy. Because exceptional copywriters don't spend most of their time writing. The spend it editing.
    So let's start editing like a BOSS.

Did I mention it's FREE?!

You don't have to spend a penny. Suhweet, right?​

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Thursday, March 21 at 1:30PM Pacific Time (San Francisco)

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About your copywriting coach

Belinda Weaver << that's ME! Copywriter - Belinda Weaver

Before building Copywrite Matters into a successful copywriting business (booked out for months in advance), I  spent years developing and implementing marketing strategies. I took many campaigns from idea to execution before realising that copywriting was the practice I enjoyed most.

Over the years, I've learned what works and what doesn’t. As a copywriter, I use that experience to help my clients create unique brands — starting with their copywriting.

I also share my proven techniques to help aspiring and working copywriters become in-demand copywriters. Techniques like the ones shared in this webinar!

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My Copywriting Master Class will open again soon. If you're even a little bit interested in digging deep into copywriting, you'll want updates on this course.

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