This page hasn't got a lot of fluff and distractions... it's focused on just one thing... just like your copy should be.

If you write copy for your business but you find yourself putting it off because:

  • You don't know how to hook your ideal customers in
  • You have ideas but they're come out jumbled (needing a Rosetta Stone to decipher)
  • Writing copy takes too damned long
  • You don't know if what you write is any good

My new course Everyday Copywriting for Business will help.

In fact, it will do more than just help. It will be your secret weapon to writing compelling and persuasive copy every single day.

From email sequences and social media profiles to press releases and brochures, this course will give you practical techniques and templates.


  • Straight-forward explanations of essential copywriting techniques

    Learn the fundamentals of copywriting without being weighed down.

  • Tips, tricks and templates

    Use proven structures and templates to short cut your writing time.

  • Coaching and support

    8 weeks of support in a private FB group

Find out details like what, when and how much

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