Maybe you have questions about becoming a freelance copywriter? Like, how much to charge.

Or you’re already a copywriter and you want a second opinion on some copy?

Or you’re a business owner and you’re not sure about your message?

If you need a sounding board or some advice about copywriting and being a copywriter, book a 30-minute or 1-hour consultation with me.

  • Nikita Morell
    "I’d just landed my biggest client. I’d written all the copy. But I was second-guessing myself. I decided to book a 30min call with Belinda.
    Admittedly, I questioned; how much value would I get out of a 30 minute call?….BUT she blew me away.

    Belinda took the time to thoroughly go through my copy beforehand and during the call she helped me identify what I needed to change AND why. Belinda gave me practical tips that I can now apply to all my future work.

    I highly recommend Belinda’s coaching call to anyone who wants to build their confidence and perfect their copy before they submit it to the client."
    Nikita Morell

How does a copywriting consultation work?

This is your opportunity to pick my brain about pretty much anything so you can use the time how you want.

I have years of experience as a successful copywriter that I'm happy to share and I'll give you honesty and sincerity.

  • The first step is to choose your session time and then book it.
  • You will create a profile and be taken to your payment method of choice.
  • Then, I'll be in touch within 24hours to schedule our consultation time.
  • You send me your questions ahead of the session so I can prepare some clever answers and max your value!
  • Your brain melt from the awesome advice you get. **

 ** Disclaimer: Brain won't actually melt.

  • Erica Stacey - Scout Digital Training
    "I made use of Belinda's "Pick My Brain" service. It wasn't about copywriting, but about some queries I had regarding running online courses and coaching (of which Belinda is highly proficient!)

    Belinda was incredibly generous with her time, knowledge and suggestions, sharing her personal advice and asking pertinent questions to help me identify where and how it best related to my situation.
    She picked MY brain to ensure I didn't just have ideas, but formed those ideas into an action plan.

    I now have the clarity and confidence to develop this business service, and know what pitfalls to look out for and avoid! The whole session felt like a caring, considered conversation with a good – and experienced – friend as well. Thanks Belinda!"
    Erica Stacey - Scout Digital Training

Let's smash through what's holding you back!

All payments are in USD (US dollars). No Australian GST is charged.

Click here to convert the cost to your local currency.

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30 mins
$145 USD

1-on-1 coaching session

Recording of the session

60 mins
$255 USD

1-on-1 coaching session

Recording of the session

3 x 60 mins
$235 USD

1-on-1 coaching session

Recording of the session

6 x 60 mins
$225 USD

1-on-1 coaching session

Recording of the session

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  • Peter Boyle
    "Had an incredible consulting call with Belinda. Not only was the information on point and exactly what I needed, but Belinda delivers it in such a way that it doesn't feel stuffy and businessey.

    It felt more like I was chatting with an old friend, Makes it much easier to talk about the sensitive areas of your business you might not be comfortable discussing. 12/10, would definitely recommend."
    Peter Boyle

Hi, I'm Belinda Weaver.

I’m not a fly-by-night-written-a-few-emails-and-decided-to-teach kind of copywriter. I’ve been writing copy full time as a freelance copywriter since 2009. Copywriter - Belinda Weaver

I’ve worked with hundreds (and hundreds) of clients of all sizes in all kinds of industries – from software products, insurance and financial planning to holiday packages, women’s shoes and plumbing. That doesn’t even scratch the surface!

I’ve written about products and services. I’ve written for SEO and for brand connection.

I’ve written websites, brochures, landing pages, slogans, directory listings, company and personal bios, blogs, email marketing, social media profiles, advertising, big fat ebooks and more. I’ve written pages and pages of copy and simple one-liners.

The point is that I’ve had a lot of variety come across my keyboard and I’ve learned the best copywriting techniques to get attentioncreate a connection and drive action.

I'm still working with clients, in addition to teaching others how to become successful, in-demand copywriters.