Review: A Marketing Program With $1000 Guarantee

Marketing That Work program by Firepole Marketing

Every now and then you come across something that is worth your hard earned cash.

Finding online courses that will actually boost your bottom line is tough. In the first year or so of running my business I was pretty sceptical of almost every online course I saw. I thought I could do it all myself, which was pretty arrogant. I quickly realised that investing in help from experts would improve my business much quicker than I could ever do on my own.

I got a chance to look over a marketing program run by Firepole Marketing and I was impressed. It’s like an ultra-marathon of marketing but the prize is a super accelerated business.

You run an ultra marathon one step at a time

I’m a big fan of Firepole Marketing and I can attest to their passion for really effective marketing. I recently interviewed Danny Iny, the force behind the “Marketing That Works” program, who explained that it’s a program quite unlike any others. “For starters”, Danny said, “we don’t start with tactics, we start with strategy. Then we help you figure out what are the tactics that are going to work in your business, and we help get real results.”

And he’s pretty confident, with a $1,000 guarantee. If by the end of the six-month program you haven’t added $1,000 to your monthly bottom line then they’ll give you your money back.

It’s pretty bold isn’t it?

How the “Marketing That Works” Program Works

So here’s the low down. The program is made up of video, audio and text spread over 26 weeks and covering five distinct marketing categories. Rather than something you just jump around in, each week builds on the lessons you learned in the previous weeks. Like scaffolding.

1. Identifying the Customer and Value Proposition. This module helps you nail down exactly what value you’re offering and to whom you’re offering it. This is your solid foundation.

2. Marketing Strategy. This section helps you create unique strategy that fits your business and audience. You’ll map out your promotions, your positioning, and messaging.

3. Execution and Implementation. Strategy is all well and good but this module shows you how to make it all happen, effectively.

4. Sales. Fantastic marketing brings in leads but you need to convert them. This module shows you how to sell even if you ‘don’t like selling.’

5. Advanced Strategies. This module show you how to use your network to get even more out of your marketing funnel.

In addition to the 26 lessons in the course, you get:

  • An MP3 player loaded with the first sessions of the course, so can listen on the go
  • Detailed lesson outlines complete with timestamps, so you can easily find and re-listen to any part of any lesson
  • Action-focused “homework” for every single lesson
  • Templates, scripts, and examples for you to follow
  • Six special bonuses, including bonus audio lessons and interactive worksheets
  • Instructor access: each lesson in the course is interactive, and you can ask questions on any related topic
  • A 1-on-1 “Borrow My Brain” phone strategy session with Danny Iny ($250 value), a think tank to chat through your biggest marketing challenges

You might think that because it’s a US course that there will be a disconnect with the instructors, but the guys promise to respond to students within 24 hours. Email them at night and you have a reply in the morning!

“Hands down, Firepole Marketing is the most effective training program for growing a business with effective marketing.”

Your Investment Comes With A Money Back Guarantee

First there is a financial investment. You can pay for it all in one hit – $897 USD or spread the costs over 4 months – $247 USD. I’ve paid for more for less so I really think this is a great price for 6 months of expert marketing training.

You can back out in the first two weeks, no questions asked, and there’s the guarantee. 100% refund if you aren’t adding $1000 to your monthly bottom line after you complete the program.

Then of course there is the investment of your time, which is not to be discounted. Danny was at pains to explain, “It’s a thorough program. It’s absolutely not for hobbyists or people who are looking for a quick fix. That doesn’t mean you can’t be doing your business part-time, you’re early stage, you’re launching it, maybe you have another job.”

Opening Soon and Closing Soon After

The program opens on February 21st and will close by 28th, or as soon as it’s full. Danny pointed out they have just 50 places to fill and there are already over 4000 subscribers, so he suspects places are going to get snapped up.

You can get on the waiting list to be the first people to hear about the program opening.

Danny shared this testimonial from a student, “I’ve been in business for two years, I signed up to your program three months ago and we just had our first two months out of the red”. He said, “That’s the kind of feedback that we get and we’re very proud of that, it’s because it’s real.“

When you register your interest you get the Get More Cash video course. It’s a free video course to get you well on your way to more effective marketing.

As I mentioned, the program hasn’t opened yet so I feel really lucky to have previewed the content. It won’t be for everyone but it’s definitely worth considering if you want to step your game up.

The Copy Detective

If you didn’t realise, this is a sponsored review but it’s something I am confidant is relevant and absolute value for money. Otherwise I wouldn’t mention it. 

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