If you're feeling overwhelmed about which copywriting techniques you should be applying to your copy, stop. Take a slow breath and watch this.



Learn these 3 copywriting tips and your copywriting WILL improve

This is a mini-course with bite-sized chunks of copywriting awesome. Each video is 6-8minutes long and worth every minute. With each lesson you get a worksheet so you can flex your new muscles.

Nothing to lose. Everything to gain.

  • Tip #1 : Use benefits that matter

    Learn my no-fail technique to extracting benefits so good they stop people in the street.

  • Tip #2 : Write customer-centric copy

    Learn how to make your reader the star of the story.

  • Tip #3 : Edit the flab into FAB

    Learn how to turn flabby copy into a lean, mean sales machine!

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If this copywriting course isn't for you (and you know it's free, right?) then why not head over to the copywriting blog - The Copy Detective

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Know someone who needs this? Share it!