Good and Bad Brochure Copywriting: A Tale of Two Marketing Brochures

Brochure compare - crap header

I have a love–hate relationship with expos and tradeshows. I buy my ticket with a sense of anticipation and excitement. All the things I will discover! The inspiration awaiting me behind those doors! In reality, though, I walk around politely avoiding sales people and collecting the marketing brochures being handed out. As a copywriter I […]

The little known (and crazily effective) way to get the attention of industry influencers (without being a schmuck)

Hidden entrance to industry influencers!

Who is the first person that springs to mind when I say: Industry influencer? Or thought leader? Now imagine that person starts noticing YOU. They like what you’re about, and they start sharing your content with their gazillion followers. The glory! The fame! The reality is much different, but industry influencers can have a powerful impact on […]