How to quote for copywriting: My experience is your shortcut!

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Oh, the elation of a copywriting enquiry! Someone wants YOU to write their copy. Cue happy dancing all around your office (or kitchen). Then, they ask, how much will it cost? THUNK. You crash back to reality, and your stomach fills with stones. How much should you quote? How long will the job take? How much […]

Do you dream of becoming an in-demand copywriter?

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You can with the Copywriting Master Class. Have you ever looked at an advertisement, blog post or brochure and thought, “Damn that’s good…. I wish I could write copy like that.” I certainly do. As a reader of The Copy Detective, I think it’s safe to assume you have an interest in improving your copywriting skills. That’s […]

When to use jargon: A copywriter’s guide

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One of the big rules of copywriting is to ditch complicated language. When you use simpler words, your copywriting becomes more readable and that increases your chances of it being effective. It makes sense, doesn’t it? While this is a great rule most of the time, there are some exceptions. There are moments when your […]

Launching: Hot Copy copywriting podcast

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I am excited to finally announce a project I’ve been busting to tell you about. The Hot Copy podcast is a collaboration between two (lightly) seasoned copywriters, Belinda Weaver  (me :)) and the most awesome, Kate Toon. This podcast is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about copywriting, the writing bits and the running a business bits. In each […]