The call to action: Writing tips smart marketers know


Joanna Wiebe, conversion copy expert from Copy Hackers says, “Visitors who don’t click don’t convert.” Ain’t that the truth? You’ve probably heard the term ‘call to action’ mentioned when smart marketers talk about effective marketing. A call to action is a suggested action that guides people towards an outcome. You may want to evoke different […]

64 power words that add rocket fuel to your copywriting

63 words that sell for copywriters

Words that sell. As a copywriter, they are our bread and butter. Words that pique people’s interest, make them use their imagination and turn the ordinary into something worth paying money for. Copywriters can’t just consider factual and grammatical accuracy, rhythm and clarity of ideas – although all these things are important. To write copy […]

Why writing under pressure kills your business

Why writing under pressure is killing your business

It’s a familiar scenario in ol’ copywriting land. You schedule in a job here, another there – and soon you’re spending more time arranging clients than doing the actual copywriting work. Before you know it, you have not one but several deadlines looming. Enter writing under pressure. I’ll admit I’ve found myself in this situation […]

Long Copy vs Short Copy. Which sells more?

Long copy VS short copy. Which sells more? Find out!

There always comes a point in the copywriting process when you ask yourself, have I written enough? Writing copy that persuades and converts in as few words as possible is the goal of every copywriter but does that mean short copy is more effective than long copy? How long should your copywriting be before it […]