My story

My name is Belinda Weaver. I believe good copywriting needs to talk to people. Rationally and emotionally. When your words press all the right buttons, they can motivate action.

And great copywriting is all about action.

If you’re ready to start improving the copy you write, and by that I mean lifting the quality and the effectiveness of your words, you’re in the right place.

What do I know about it?Belinda Weaver Copywriter

Well, before building Copywrite Matters into a successful copywriting business, I spent years developing and implementing marketing strategies. I took many campaigns from idea to execution before realising copywriting was the practice I enjoyed most.

Over the years I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. As a copywriter, I use that experience to help my clients create unique brands — starting with their copywriting.

Now I also share my proven techniques to build in-demand businesses around awesome copywriting.

Like creating the kind of copywriting courses I would attend (packed with content and value for money), I help unknot your copywriting problems with quick-fire consultations and share heaps of free copywriting advice.

Sharing content is great but there is more

More than helping copywriters improve their writing skills, I help them create the kind of business that enrich their lives. 

Because an interesting life has corners

You see, I was born in Brisbane, Australia, and since graduating university I haven’t stayed still for too long. I’ve lived in London, Melbourne and now, in Silicon Valley, California. I’ve worked as a computer programmer, software tester, business analyst, marketing assistant, marketing co-ordinator and copywriter.

I love the challenge of change.

My business, Copywrite Matters, hasn’t held me back. In fact, it’s helping me live the kind of life I want to live without having to compromise my career or my ambitions. You can hear more of my story on this podcast interview.

Are you a copywriter looking to tick those kind of boxes in your life?

Belinda Weaver - copywriter - and her dog
Me and my buddy, Fenris

If the answer is yes, let me know.


But who am I, really?

My days are made up of writing, changing nappies, cuddling my dog, reading blogs, finding socks, cleaning up mess, recording presentations, preparing meals, singing loudly, sending love notes to my husband, adding to my list of great big ideas and complaining about poo.

I’m a massive Dr Who fan. I love yoga, the idea of long-distance running, sci-fi movies and a good read. Sounds bit nerdy, doesn’t it? But it’s true.

Here are some other things about me you might find interesting… or not.



Introducing…. The Copy DetectiveThe Copy Detective

I mentioned sharing lots of free copywriting advice and The Copy Detective blog is overflowing with it.

The Copy Detective is a copywriter on a mission. A mission to banish Welcome To My Website from the world of online marketing. Oh yes!

The Copy Detective regularly shows copywriters and business owners how to write in a way that reaches, connects and, most importantly, engages with customers.

If you write copy or create marketing for your own business, or for other people’s (and you love a new approach to an idea), tune in to The Copy Detective blog.

When you subscribe you get an awesome free cheat sheet with my 20 best copywriting tips.

Oh. And there have been some awards and almost awards.

BAB14finalist  The Copy Detective Top 20 Best Business Blogs by Smart Company